Monday, March 29, 2010

Brice's first time to play in the snow

As you all probably know, we got a ton of snow earlier this year. Brice absolutely loved it. We took him out and pulled him around in the drive way in a clothes hamper. He would laugh and say "Do it again Daddy!". Absolutely priceless. Here are some of the snow pictures.

Little feet in the snow. It was actually pretty deep snow.

Melanie pushing Brice around the driveway.

Now pulling him. This is when he really started having fun.

See what I mean. :)

Brice with Melanie.

Me pulling Brice around with my nice gloves!

A few pictures of Brice with his snowman. He held on to him the whole time practically. Then we brought him in and put him in the freezer. He got him out the other day and he melted mostly. I think it might be back in the freezer now. Thank you God for the beautiful snow. It was so much fun to play outside with Brice and see him experience the joys of playing in the snow.

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