Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brice is growing up fast : )

Here is my attempt of blogging again. I plan to keep his blog current so that people can see Brice grow even though they are not able to actually see him. I will start with pictures from the last few months.

Brice had an awesome Christmas. Here are some pictures from different Christmas get togethers.

Brice loves to read!

He is a big Elmo fan and got some grilling toys too.

He loves to play with his cousins!

He was a lot better at opening gifts this year, but his favorite thing to do is wrap a gift and give it to someone else. He loves to give gifts. He sings Happy Birthday to Melanie and I all the time.

Opening one of his gifts with his Aunt Tina.

Drawing on his Aquadoodle that he got from Aunt Tina.

Ready to drive home for the night : )

More pictures in the next post. Thank you everyone for your awesome Christmas gifts.

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