Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Praying, Swinging, Dancing...

Brice is awesome at praying. I know that lots of young kids say the cutest prayers and Brice is no different. However, there is something about Brice that I believe sets him apart from what I usually see or here. Brice is sensitive to people and will pray for you without being told to pray. Whenever we are not feeling well, Brice will pray for us. Dear Jesus, please help "insert Mommy or Daddy or whoever needs prayer here", be safe and well. Amen. One day I had told him I was not feeling well so he proceeded to pray very similar if not exactly as I said above. Then immediately afterwards he asked me if I felt better. Amazingly, I tell him I do and sure enough I start feeling much better. There is power in his prayer because he prays it sincerely and prays to the point.

Brice loves to be outside. His favorite thing lately is going to the park and swinging. He likes to slide and climb on the other toys, but swinging is probably his favorite. He gets this from him mom. Melanie loved to swing as a little girl and still jumps at the opportunity to swing when we go to the park. Brice will just sit there for hours and swing if we let him. He enjoys watching all the other kids play and just observing the different things they do. He will ask us where different people are at when we go back and they are not there. He likes to mimic the bigger kids that swing on there stomachs.

Another one of Brice's favorite things to do is dance and sing. He loves to praise and worship at church. I will have to get some pictures and even a video or two and post them. He will ask us to play his favorite praise songs at home and just dance around the living room and sing them. He loves for Melanie and I do dance and sing with him. It is actually tons of fun and really helps lift your spirit man up. He uses a couple dance moves that I taught him. There is one in particular that is hilarious. Again an excellent opportunity of some video. Most of all he just loves to worship God. Him and his good friend at church will get on their knees and just worship together. It is an awesome sight to see.

Here are some other fun/sweet/cool things that Brice does and enjoys doing.
1. He really enjoys spaghetti or "fabeggie" as he calls it. When Melanie is cooking it, he likes to feed us the uncooked noodles. Mmm Mmm good.
2. He likes to play ball. He will play basketball or catch with you. He is really talented, and I am looking forward to getting him into some organized sports when he is older. For now he just throws the ball with us or at the tv : ) (Of course he is trying to throw it to the people on tv)
3. He loves to play Doctor Mommy with Melanie. He will act like he is hurt and Melanie will doctor him up, or sometimes he just likes her to do a check up.
4. When someone gets hurt, he will ask them if they need a bandaid.
5. He really enjoys painting. For a while there, he painted every day almost. Melanie has a very large stack of his artwork and many people have been privileged to get a custom painted card (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's, and others...)

There is so much more but I will save it for another post. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Brice and what is going on with him lately. I will try to post some more later this week. Have a blessed day!

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