Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update on Brice

I am not going to post any pictures right now, but maybe later I will add some. I just wanted to update everyone on how Brice is doing. He is growing everyday in so many ways. He has learned to say a few words, although you might not recognize them without spending sometime around him. He has perfected Dada (and says it in different ways depending on what he wants). He is very good at saying Mama as well, but for some reason seems to say it more selectively. He does a great "quack, quack" when you ask him what a duck says. But it sounds more like "tack, tack". However, it is obvious that he knows what a duck says. He can also say "Bubba", which is what we often call him. He says "Nana" and "Papa". He can also say "baseball", sounds like "bball", but it is very cute. There are other words as well that he will mimic to the best of his ability, but I think those are the most distinct ones.

He is, in my opinion, within days of walking. He actually took his first two steps this morning and then lunged towards me. He walks around the house with his little car walkers without much problem at all. His main issue with those is turning, so we usually accompany him and steer the car when he needs help. He can climbs the stairs without help, although, we are always close behind as sometimes he does seem to slip. I will try to get some video of him walking and climbing the stairs and post that as well.

He is eating well, and growing too. I don't know how much he weighs exactly, but he is between 22-23 lbs. He seems long (tall) too, but I would be guessing to give you his height. He is absolutely amazing, and makes life for Melanie and I a blast. He really makes us smile regardless of circumstances. He is definetely a handful and requires alot of attention. We tend to probably think he needs even more than others would think is necessary, but I guess that is probably how parenting goes for most with their first child.

I hope you are all doing great. I am looking forward to seeing some of yall during the holidays, and for those that I don't see very often when we do cross paths I hope to find you smiling. Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. This is an awesome time of the year.

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bullets said...

dutch is the same on his walking. he has this little push thing-a-ma-jig, and he is able to maneuver that around the house. he gets very upset when we let go of his fingers and make him walk on his own. i don't know if brice does the same thing but i know dutch is close to walking.